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    It is expected that Construction industry will continue to have positive signals and will grow well in 2019, because a series of related policies and the planning of each segment of each market have become more reasonable. As a result of 2018, the construction business community has an optimistic assessment of the construction market in 2019.

    The latest survey results on the construction industry’s production and business trend of the General Department of Statistics show that up to 60.4% of construction enterprises of all kinds rated the construction market more stable and convenient. .. from the first quarter of 2019. In particular, non-state enterprises forecast the most optimistic market with 59.8% of businesses rated the market more stable and favorable. State-owned enterprises are 57% and foreign-invested enterprises (FDI enterprises) are 58.9% …

    According to the industry, the civil engineering construction enterprises rated the business situation more positively with 67.2% of businesses rated it stable and more favorable. House construction enterprises are 64.7%, enterprises specialized in construction activities are 62.4%.

    Given the positive forecast of the construction market in 2019, enterprises also showed that there would be a breakthrough in some directly related sectors such as construction materials. Direct construction material costs per unit of construction products accounted for 47.7% of the total production costs, businesses identified raw material and material costs will increase, but not too significantly.

    The optimism of the construction industry when forecasting the market in 2019 also comes from the improvement of the State’s policy system. Because 81.8% of businesses said that support from the state administrative system for enterprises is more stable and more favorable than the previous year.

    Access to capital is also positively assessed by enterprises, when among the enterprises participating in the survey, 66.1% of enterprises borrowed capital for production and business, with 94.6% of enterprises borrowing capital from the banking system and 5.4% of businesses borrow capital from other sources.

    (According to Banking Times)



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