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    Insulated glass – An preferred environment-friendly building material in construction

    Long-term exposure to UV rays is the main cause of dangerous skin cancer. The insulating glass is manufactured to completely overcome the above problem, not only effectively blocking UV rays, but insulating glass also brings many benefits in construction and everyday life.

    What is insulated glass? The insulating glass or insulated box glass is composed of two layers of tempered glass with design thickness, in the middle is a layer of normal air, inert gas like Argon or a vacuum environment. The glass layers are separated by an aluminum cushion, the inside contains the desiccant. Desiccant particles are effective in drying the air layer between two layers of glass. Finally, the details are joined together by super durable bonding glue to shape the glass door.

    The outstanding advantages of insulated glass

    Effective insulation

    Thanks to its special design, the glass has a very good insulating effect, can block the source of heat radiation and the sun’s UV rays. Using insulated glass helps your room always cool and comfortable, having a positive impact on the quality of daily life.

    For buildings using common types of glass, UV rays will penetrate easily. People who work near the glass wall are regularly exposed to UV rays, affecting health and increasing the chance of skin cancer.

    Insulated glass against UV rays effectively


    The air or inert gas inside the insulating glass also effectively insulates sound. Your room will have a quiet space, increasing the level of concentration and productivity.

    Increase natural light

    Using insulated glass helps the room get an effective natural light source, very effective in saving on monthly electricity bills.

    Note that insulating glass only allows sunlight to pass through, heat and UV rays are completely isolated from the outside.

    Reducing the working capacity of cooling equipment

    With extremely good insulation efficiency, it reduces the working efficiency of cooling devices such as air conditioners or electric fans by up to 50%. This also contributes significantly to the monthly electricity savings.

    Safe when using

    Since the two layers of glass are both tempered glass, they can withstand the force of impact and strong impact. The thickness of the tempered glass layer also depends on the design and choice of the customer. Therefore, the insulating glass has extremely high durability, ensuring the safety for users in the most effective way.

    Insulated glass is extremely durable, ensuring safety for users.

    Flexible use in design

    Insulated glass is widely used in the construction of commercial centers, offices, high-rise buildings, apartments, … Depending on the design, insulating glass is suitable for manufacturing to meet the needs. demand for customers.


    Currently, environmental pollution is having a negative impact on the quality of life of people. Insulated glass is one of the green environmental friendly materials that has been widely used in the present and in the future. Not only reducing the weight of the project, easy installation, and installation, the insulating glass also protects you from negative environmental impacts. The installation process does not create as much smoke and dust polluting the environment as conventional reinforced concrete construction.

    Source: https://vatlieuxaydung.org.vn/

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