Products, services for civil construction, industrial construction and infastructure:
– Technology, technology solution, structure and engineering solutions for construction building
– Equipment, machinery, vehicles for construction and installation
– Equipment, machinery, vehicles for supporting construction, installation, including controlling, surveying, measuring, work safety systems
– Equipment for building engineering, security, fire protection, telecommunication information and building integration function
– Technology, equipment and machinery for waste treatment, environment pollution prevention in construction and building
– Design and supervision consultants, project management consultants

Building Materials:

– Building materials, including finishing materials
– Technology and technical solutions for materials manufacturing
– Equipment, machinery for building materials manufacturing
– New materials

Transportation Technology:

– Transportation Infrastructure: technology and project
– Construction for all modes of transport: machinery, parts and components / safety technologies / finishing / communications / maintenance / repair / consulting, etc
– Public Transportation: vehicles, equipment and component; Communication and information technologies / traffic management and data
– Freight transport and logistics services

Mining industry:
– Technology, technology solutions, technical solutions for minerals mining and processing
– Equipment, machinery and vehicles for minerals mining, transporting and processing, including production line.
– Technology, equipment and machinery for waste treatment, environment pollution prevention of minerals mining and processing.
– Supporting equipment and machinery for minerals mining and processing
– Materials and additives use for minerals mining and processing

Market and Industry Information
through participation of:
– Industrial and trade promotion bodies of the Government and NGOs
– Research organizations
– National pavilions
– Universities and Institutes