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    Coal industry: Exciting production emulation from the beginning of the year

    Ending the year 2020, the coal industry can be proud of its achievements. With a sharp and creative thinking in operating production, the units always maintain the production area, ensure safety, save expenditure, and stabilize the lives of thousands of workers.

    A year of overcoming difficulties

    In 2020, TKV can produce 38.5 million tons of coal, consume 42 million tons; loading soil and rock over 188 million m3, digging new nearly 255,000m of the furnace; in 2021 strive to exploit 38.5 million tons of coal, consume 42 million tons. According to TKV, the year 2021 will continue to have many difficulties. The situation of coal inventories at the end of 2020 is at a high level, while the forecast of market demand in 2021 will be equivalent to 2020.

    The production conditions of mines are getting deeper and higher, and production costs are also increasing. On that basis, TKV identifies strategic goals, and at the same time affirms the determination to operate production effectively, practice thrift in association with maximizing the exploitation of the price chain. added value on coal – mineral production; do better in market forecasting; step up the application of new technologies, mechanization and automation in pit mining to increase productivity and proportion of coal by synchronous mechanization. In particular, Vinacomin will balance the production capacity of mines and the needs of the market. The ratio is suitable to grant households of customers.

    Mr. Vu Hong Manh, Deputy Director of Silver Stone Logistics Company – TKV, said: The company’s coal blending plans are currently being implemented with a variety of types to meet the maximum market demand, abiding by the principle of giving priority to domestically produced coal. Therefore, in 2021, the output of coal imported through the Company will also decrease compared to 2020. In addition, TKV proposes the Government to allow export of 1,550,000 tons of coal.

    This proposal is considered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to be It creates a higher economic value than domestic consumption, but still does not affect the coal supply for electric households. The underground mines strive to build a green mine model – a modern mine – an output mine high application of mechanization to the stages of the production line. Mr. Vu Ngoc Thang, Secretary of Party Committee, Director of Ha Lam Coal Joint Stock Company – Vinacomin, said: In 2021 and the following years, the company will continue to research and apply some new technologies to the fields of the waterfall and digging. In the immediate future, the Company will deploy a light mechanization project to exploit steep and inclined seams, helping to improve the safety factor and fully utilize the resources for the mine.

    New production advantages

    In 2021, the coal industry continues facing and solving many difficulties, especially the balancing problem between production capacity and market demand. TKV sets a target of coal production and consumption not lower than 2020; ensuring to provide enough coal for consumers who have signed commitments with the Group. Accordingly, the output of mechanized coal reaches 15.8% / the total output of underground coal.

    To achieve this goal, technology to be innovated in the direction of suitability to geological conditions is still the key task of mines. The mines are entering the production in the first quarter with high determination and emulation to set up achievements to welcome the 13th National Party Congress. Mr. Nguyen Van Tuyen, Factory Manager K12 – the main exploiting unit of Uong Bi Coal Company – TKV, shared: Since the New Year holiday, the workshop workers have returned to work 99%, enthusiastic , excited labor. On average, each day the unit exploits 1,000 tons of coal, striving to produce over 30,000 tons in January.

    Source: Quang Ninh Newspaper

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