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    New solution for testing road safety and durability

    Professor Nguyen Xuan Hung has had a completely new approach to understanding the damage of building structures through changes in the mechanical parameters of the component materials.

    Professor Nguyen Xuan Hung (Interdisciplinary Research Center, University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City) and colleagues at the School of Technology (VNU Ho Chi Minh City), HCMC Department of Transport recently published the work “A new approach on parameters lubricants to test bridge durability: A case study of Saigon Bridge, HCMC, Vietnam ”on Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (Q1 of Scimago).

    The authors presented a completely new approach to understanding structural damage through changes in the mechanical properties of the component materials. One of the key issues in a building is viscosity elasticity – the characteristics of materials that exhibit both viscosity and elastic properties when subjected to deformation. Researchers have integrated the viscous herd model into detecting and checking for structural damage. In that way, this model has determined the mechanical properties of the material through the parameters of the elastic modulus and the viscosity coefficient. Next, the researchers used vibration signals to determine the correlation with mechanical parameters in detecting structural changes.

    On the basis of theoretical analysis and experimental results, they found that testing structural changes through the use of different parameters allows to collect more relevant data than before. Applying to the case of Saigon Bridge, a 15-year-old bridge, they have an assessment of the operational status of the bridge structure.

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