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    Aluminum with insulation bridge: An inevitable trend in modern architecture

    According to Mr. Pham Van Bac, Director of the Department of Building Materials – Ministry of Construction, in the orientation of focusing on green building development in Vietnam, the use of high-quality, environment-friendly building materials and Many outstanding features such as Aluminum with insulation bridge will become an inevitable trend.

    Pioneering the market

    In recent years, many reputable investors and contractors are interested in modern, smart, and environmentally friendly building materials. Outstanding in which, Aluminum door product with insulation bridge with outstanding sound insulation, heat insulation, high durability, safety for users is gradually “taking the throne” and is the first choice for companies. Modern architecture.

    Aluminum products with insulation bridges are made up of aluminum profile bars with insulation bridges combined with synchronous accessories, gaskets, and glass cases. In particular, the aluminum profile bar is designed with many hollow cavities, the inner technical wall is carefully calculated to create a rib to increase stiffness to minimize heat transfer. In particular, aluminum doors with insulation bridges use 3 layers of EPDM gaskets instead of conventional double gaskets, long-legged glass gaskets form 3 hollow cavities, aluminum bar thickness up to 2mm while the maximum thickness of an ordinary aluminum bar only 1.8mm.

    With that special structure, aluminum products with insulation bridges are soundproof and heat-insulated up to 50% more than conventional aluminum, withstand wind storms level 17 (equivalent to 2000 Pascal), and waterproof. good water even during a Category 11 hurricane (equivalent to 600 Pascals).

    Mr. Pham Van Bac said that aluminum doors with insulation bridges have overcome all the disadvantages of conventional aluminum doors and are completely suitable for all projects with complex architectures, from low-rise houses to high-rise buildings. to high-end projects such as villas, resorts, luxury office buildings, …

    The economic problem for future construction value

    Not only having outstanding sound and heat insulation, but aluminum doors with insulation bridges also help save 30% of energy consumption costs during use.

    Carefully invested in the manufacturing process, aluminum products with an insulation bridge use tempered glass, which is insulated, and coated with Low-E layers to prevent UV rays and light from outside. home. From there, limit the transfer of heat from outside the environment, keep the living space warm in winter and cool in summer. This is a prerequisite to save energy for each project.

    Mr. Pham Van Bac analyzed: “There are 60-70-storey buildings, if using conventional products, they cannot meet the high requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation, and bearing capacity. is one of the few pioneering enterprises to bring modern doors to the Vietnamese market and continues to develop aluminum doors with insulating bridges with many outstanding advantages compared to traditional materials. For large, stature projects, the investor spending high costs on door products and building materials will help save efficiency throughout the life of the project ”.

    The Director of the Department of Building Materials said that in the past, products used in high-demand projects had to be imported from abroad. But now, products of domestic enterprises can completely replace imported products.

    “In the context of the market-facing many difficulties caused by the Covid epidemic, it is necessary to be enterprises with economic potential, with scientific and technological qualifications, applying advanced and modern technologies. offering high-quality products, supplying and applying to the domestic market, aiming to gradually replace imported goods in difficult international trade conditions. This is also the trend and activities that follow the direction and orientation of the Government on the Vietnam Trade project, along with the movement of Vietnamese people prioritizing the use of Vietnamese goods, and demonstrating the prestige brand of manufacturing enterprises are both a wise choice of consumers with outstanding service policies and construction methods ”, emphasized Mr. Pham Van Bac.

    Source: VABM

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