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    The selection criteria synthetic sanitary equipment

    Sanitary ware is an indispensable interior product for bathrooms and restrooms. Choosing high-quality equipment at a reasonable price is always a matter of concern for all customers. With the development of the bathroom equipment market, many imported products and domestic brands have grown stronger.

    The role of sanitary equipment in life

    Toilet facilities are all items and equipment installed and used in bathrooms and restrooms. This product was born to maximize the essential living needs of people and gradually become indispensable items in life. In particular, in the current era of strong technology development, sanitary ware meets physiological needs and satisfies personal feelings with the most intelligent features.

    The most commonly used bathroom equipment can be mentioned: toilet, washbasin (lavabo), shower. Bathroom accessories such as clothes hangers or shower mirrors, toilet showers are also indispensable. In addition, for families with good economic conditions, the bathroom is also equipped with more equipment such as a bathtub, heating lamp, ventilation fan, …

    Criteria for evaluating high-end sanitary ware

    Choosing quality and suitable bathroom sanitary ware is a problem that causes many people a headache. Especially when there are many models and designs on the market from many brands. Not to mention the situation of counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods are very common and sophisticated. Here are some experiences in choosing sanitary ware for your reference:

    Clear origin and provenance

    You should choose brands that provide reputable, long-term sanitary equipment in the market. As a result, it will ensure good product quality, with full certification documents as well as a clear warranty. Genuine products are printed with clear brand logos, uniform colors.

    Prioritize quality

    Product quality is always an important factor in deciding whether to buy that device or not. For example, with metal appliances such as showers and sinks, you should choose brass products. Because brass when chrome plated will give a smooth, shiny surface, not scratched or damaged. Although there is not too much money to invest in sanitary equipment, you should also choose products of clear origin, manufactured from reputable brands in the market. Because if only using poor quality products, the bathroom is likely to deteriorate seriously after a few years and have to spend a lot more money on renovation and maintenance.

    The toilet and bath equipment are almost made of porcelain, the enamel layer is the decisive factor for product quality. The shiny, smooth glaze will minimize the staining of bacteria and waste. With products with poor quality enamel, it will quickly yellow, causing loss of aesthetics. Also, cleaning takes longer.

    Based on product features

    Depending on the needs and preferences of each family, priority should be given to choosing products with appropriate features. Modern families often tend to choose modern appliances such as smart toilets, thermostatic showers, etc.

    In particular, with the toilet line, besides the model, you also need to pay attention to the flushing mode as well as the amount of water each flush. This is the factor that affects the monthly water bill. Slow draining or clogged toilets also need attention.

    Fits the space

    The bathroom area is also a criterion affecting the evaluation of sanitary equipment. With spacious spaces, you can freely choose a massage bathtub or a freestanding bathtub with a shower. Or you can also arrange more partitions to separate the bathroom area from the sink faucet.

    On the contrary, if the toilet has a narrow space, you should choose compact and convenient sanitary equipment. Or choose products that integrate many functions to save space.

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