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    About smart door locks – New technology in house construction

    What is a smart door lock? What is a smart door lock? What are the pros and cons of using a smart door lock?

    Smart Lock is a product electronic door lock applied with smart technology to help users easily perform opening/closing operations. without the need for a key, users can perform unlocking operations with fingerprints, codes, try words, or phone applications. The smart door lock is designed with high-security technology to help users feel more secure when using, especially some smart lock models have a tracking function via the home phone application that is easy to control and track. monitor the activity of the house.


    1. Advantages of smart door locks

    – Convenience

    When using a smart electronic door lock, users will no longer need to carry around messy keys or be afraid of losing keys. The smart lock opens/closes easily and automatically to save users time and effort.

    – High safety and security

    Lock uses fingerprints to open so it is difficult to fake. The smart door lock is very solidly constructed with 5 latches instead of 2 latches like conventional faculty, the keyhole is replaced by a biometric reader or a smartphone detection unit, so there will be no phenomenon. pry open. Moreover, when there is strong action or breaking phenomenon, the lock will emit an alarm sound, so safety is greatly enhanced.

    – Usability

    The smart lock is an electronic device, allowing you to record the date, time, people entering and leaving at any time. The smart lock memory is an ideal tool especially for work environments as it allows complete control of access to a specific area, it is especially useful for when you want to control your child and follow up. monitor their activities. By installing smart locks, you can easily monitor the entry and exit of your home. In addition to being able to control who comes in and out, you can decide who can open the door for a certain period of time. This can simply be done by setting up the application, avoiding all the problems associated with changing locks to prevent the issuance of keys as in mechanical locks.

    – Design variety

    Smart locks have many different models and designs suitable for users’ needs to ensure the suitability for the interior of modern families.

    2. Disadvantages of smart locks

    Higher cost than traditional locks

    Installation time and high cost

    Many poor-quality products are difficult to distinguish


    Smart lock not only gives people Using a lot of conveniences but also protects their families better, ensuring the safety of families’ lives. With its convenience, homeowners will never have to worry about forgetting keys, losing keys, or always carrying complicated key bosses. No more worrying about waiting for her husband to come home to open the door, call to monitor the time when the children come home from school. Everything the homeowner can check and monitor easily on the phone application. In particular, the smart door lock also has the ability to warn of intruders and fire alarms when detecting high temperatures to help homeowners. ensure absolute safety and promptly respond to bad cases. The smart lock is also equipped with a mechanical key for emergency use.

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