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    Anti-dust paint – Exterior paint products applying new technology

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    Jotun Paint Vietnam launches a new anti-dust paint product. The product is proud to open a new trend with its breakthrough dust-proof feature and self-cleaning surface with rainwater, protecting the wall for up to 8 years, keeping the house as bright as new regardless of the impact of dust. severe weather.

    In Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, severe rain and sun, dust, and pollution are at an alarming level. This causes the exterior of many houses to become degraded with ugly dusty walls. A bright and clean house is always the pride of every homeowner, but the dirty walls have degraded the “coat” of the home, reducing its inherent value.

    These problems will no longer be your “obsessions” because of the appearance of Jotashield Superior Clean anti-dust paint – a premium exterior paint product with exclusive Anti-Dust Technology from Jotun. As an expert in high-end exterior paints, Jotun understands the effects of weather and pollution on homes in Vietnam, thereby providing a breakthrough dust-proof coating technology solution capable of solving all the harm from dirt.

    Benefits of Anti-Dust Technology

    Anti-Dust Paint Jotashield’s exclusive Anti-Dust Technology Exceptionally Clean combines 3 important features that can change the way you think about exterior wall paint. To address one of the biggest concerns of homeowners, Jotashield Superior Clean features an Anti-Dust feature that makes it very difficult for dirt to stick to the walls.

    Another problem that homes often face are ugly stains caused by dirt and long-term rainwater, located under and around the window edges. With Streak Prevention, Jotashield Superior Clean minimizes the formation of these stains, helping to keep your home looking like new.

    Not only that, but this breakthrough exterior paint product also has the ability to self-clean the surface, helping to wash away all stubborn dirt every time it rains. Your walls are always in the brightest and cleanest condition without having to spend a lot of effort cleaning.

    Researched and developed by leading experts, Jotashield Superior Clean offers the perfect solution for the exterior walls of buildings and houses. In addition to its outstanding dust resistance and self-cleaning with rainwater, Jotashield Outstanding Clean can provide lasting protection of wall surfaces for up to 8 years and resist fading under the influence of sunlight.

    Make you always proud of your home

    You cannot change the pollution and harsh weather of the place you live, but you can completely protect your home. Premium exterior paint Jotashield Exceptionally Clean with exclusive Anti-Dust Technology will be your companion, keeping your home bright and clean without the need for maintenance costs.

    With a commitment to innovation and quality, all Jotun products undergo rigorous testing and earn prestigious certifications. All to bring consumers products with outstanding quality.

    With this product launch, the Jotashield premium exterior paint line currently includes 4 products: Jotashield Ultimate Color Fastness, Jotashield Outstanding Clean, Jotashield Anti-Fade and Jotashield Crack Cover.

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