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    Disclosure of Shanghai Mitsubishi from Mitsubishi Elevator Corporation

    On May 31, 2021, Japan Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Corporation reported on its member company Shanghai Mitsubishi. According to the news, in November 2020, a branch of Mitsubishi Electric in China marked an important milestone: one million elevators and escalators were shipped. This new success reaffirms Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator’s reputation for superior technology and attentive after-sales service that the company has built over the past 34 years.

    Technology dominates the market

    Elevators manufactured by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Company (SMEC) each day transport 247 million people up and down buildings in 652 cities across China. Elevators are an essential piece of infrastructure in the world’s second-largest economy, and SMEC has leveraged industry-leading technologies to continuously expand its business in this area. In November 2020, SMEC marked an important milestone: one million elevators and escalators have been shipped since the company’s founding in 1987.

    According to SMEC, the millionth product is the Smart K-II escalator, a model of the K series of escalators developed specifically for the Chinese market. SMEC has installed escalators for line 14 of the Shanghai metro system, which is currently under construction. Smart K-II is a smart escalator integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, available on the market since 2018. This ladder series allows the installation of a number of smart features, such as monitoring and image sensors. image. Smart K-II is the pinnacle of countless technologies that the Shanghai Mitsubishi elevator company has been researching and developing – a product worthy of the one million milestones.

    About 15% of all elevators and escalators in operation in China are manufactured by Shanghai Mitsubishi – a very proud share in a market as large and fiercely competitive as China. The company’s success is due to providing the highest level of safety, performance, and comfort to its users. Many of these elevators have been in operation for more than 20 years; Such a long product cycle has certainly brought customers great value for investment.

    According to SMEC, the company’s mission consists of two parts: to become and to continue to assert its position as a recognized elevator company social trust; and gives users the joy of going up and down and creating harmony in the space of daily movement. SMEC said that Mitsubishi Electric elevators are famous in China for their high quality and customers especially love the convenience that Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators and escalators bring. In addition, SMEC also said that customers appreciate the company’s after-sales service. With a network of 615 service points across China, the company can respond immediately to any problems.

    The company uses IoT technology to instantly analyze data on the operational status and technical problems of the elevators, allowing proactive real-time monitoring of all elevators and providing on-demand maintenance services. request; at the same time in case of emergency can arrange quick rescue and repair operations.

    Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator is present everywhere

    The success story of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator is the same as the story of China’s economic growth. A key factor driving the company’s business expansion was the boom in high-rise office buildings that began in the late 2000s. Elevator sales increased significantly, and demand was increasing from the Residential buildings has created more advantages for the company. As the elevator market expands and diversify, SMEC continues to meet customer needs, increasing efficiency by exceeding the limits of speed and capacity and adding new smart features, such as did with the Smart K-II escalator model.

    There is no more convincing proof of SMEC’s ​​dominance in the market than the fact that their elevators can be found in China’s most famous skyscrapers, such as the 632 m high Shanghai Tower, 127 floors high (the elevator installed here has a speed of 20.5 m/s, set a world record at the time of completion and is currently the fastest elevator in the world). 2 world) and the 420.5 meters high Jin Mao Tower, 88 floors. One of the company’s most recent bids was to install an elevator for the 500-meter-high Greenland International Silk Road Center in Xi’an, a rapidly growing city. As the sole elevator supplier at this project, SMEC will install 83 elevators in the building, including 4 of the company’s flagship NexWay elevators and 5 high-speed elevators that can travel at 10 m/s. In addition, SMEC will also install more than 70 elevators in residential buildings around the tower.

    Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator meets new needs

    Even as elevator performance continues to grow rapidly, the need to develop new technology relevant to the post-Covid-19 world continues to grow. To reassure users, the current elevator is expected to meet the needs of antibacterial, disinfecting, and non-touching. SMEC has developed a number of antibacterial and disinfectant properties that can be found in products already on the market. For example, buttons are made of antibacterial materials.

    Another feature is the ability to emit ultraviolet light, instantly disinfecting everything inside the elevator. SMEC is currently developing touchless features – allowing users to operate elevators through face scanning, smartphone apps, QR codes, and other non-physical interactions. A growing need. Another increase in the Chinese elevator and escalator market is the installation of elevators and escalators in existing commercial buildings, summer vacation homes, and residential buildings — essentially human business ventures. consumer-business and business-business-consumer.

    This trend will continue to grow as lifestyles change, the population ages, and the government recommends that older buildings need elevators. This is an opportunity for elevator companies — but even bigger opportunities for companies that can provide more than just elevators, but smart, autonomous elevators with new features. other smart features. According to Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, the biggest trend in China in the next few years will continue to be intelligent elevators, which can provide a high level of safety by handling large amounts of data and images. digital imaging, while performing preventive maintenance to simplify maintenance work. This is why the company is redoubled efforts in this area, continuously improving technology to better meet the needs of users.

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