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    Workshop of Houselink JSC


    Potential and opportunity for Vietnam market

       The workshop, within the framework of the Contech Vietnam 2020 exhibition, will contribute a small part to support businesses to spread, share, and exchange as well as search for suitable information, technology, and partners to cooperate and apply in the process of carrying out their construction projects.

    Anticipated Contents

    1. An overview of the situation of applying technology in construction in Vietnam.
    2. Underground construction technology (Topics such as Constructing tunnel cover, Maintaining boreholes, etc.)
    3. Body construction technology (Concrete assembly, Modular house, etc.)
    4. Finishing work technology (Technology of glass, wall, brick, etc.)
    5. BIM in design and construction management (Volume management, Coordination)
    6. Intelligent Construction Machinery Rental Platform (Corental Platform)