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    – Specialized construction equipment, tools and systems

    – Construction machine

    – Construction equipment

    – Formwork and scaffolding

    – Lifting equipment and conveyors

    – On-site concrete and mortar production line

    – Service of installing construction machines at construction sites and in enterprises


    Exploration, mining and processing of mineral resources

    – Exploration and drilling equipment for mining, construction of underground projects

    – The equipment of loading, plowing, tilling

    – Lifting and transport equipment on site and in the mines

    – Machines for crushing, crushing, screening and processing minerals


    Building materials, construction and tools

    – Transporting and packaging construction materials (by machine)

    – Components and finished products of construction materials

    – Navigation and communication equipment

    – Hardware, tools, machines

    – Technical process control system and measurement inspection

    Labor safety

    – Building services

    – Consulting and supervision services

    – Information technology and telecommunications

    – Integrated feature management

    – Measurement control system

    – Outdoor installation

    – System of protective equipment, fire prevention and fighting

    Mining, Processing and Processing Raw Materials

    – Machinery for mining raw materials and mines

    – Transportation of raw materials

    – Processing and processing of minerals (including coke coal plant equipment)

    Factories, systems and production machines

    – Asphalt

    – Cement, lime, plaster mix

    – Concrete, concrete products and precast concrete

    – Plaster and plasterboard

    – Machines and production lines for stones and construction materials that use electricity generated from waste (for example, ash from power plants)

    – Machinery for manufacturing dry mix mortars, gypsum, base mortar and product storage systems

    Electrical Technologies and Equipment:

    – Wires, Cables

    – Electrical conductors

    – Insulating materials

    – Transformer Stations

    – Technologies and Solutions for electrical distribution, automation

    – Electrical products for industrial use

    – Technologies, Machinery & Equipment for Electric Power Plants

    – Air-conditioning and ventilation systems

    – Technologies and equipment for industrial lighting systems

    – Power Generating Equipment

    – Equipment for Electric Transmision System

    – Contractors who provide and install electrical systems in buildings, construction projects

    – Electrical materials and Safety equipment