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    Who should visit?

    Contech Vietnam connects the entire Construction, Mining & Transport Industry Community in Vietnam and in the world.

    Attendee profile

    Officials of Ministries and agencies in Vietnam:
    – Ministry of Construction
    – Ministry of Transportation
    – Ministry of Industry and Trade
    – Ministry of Science and Technology
    Officials and workers of professional associations:
    – Vietnam Construction Association
    – Vietnam Association of Building Materials
    – Association of Vietnamese Construction Contractors
    – Vietnam Association of Mining Science and Technology

    Commercial agencies and organizations from Vietnam, Japan, Germany, China, Hongkong, Korea, etc.

    Visitors profile

    – Architects/ Engineers

    – Professionals, Scientists, Investors, and Developers

    – Contractors

    – Project Management Board, Building materials and Mining industry

    – Experts in consultation, research, and development

    – Macro management and Policymakers

    – Foreign organizations

    – Design and supervision consultants, project managers

    – Foreign trade units